Reiki Classes

Reiki is an amazing technique to promote relaxation and healing.  Dory’s Reiki training classes and workshops provide a wonderful way to help you on your Reiki journey.  Whether you are completely new to Reiki or an experienced practioner, there is something for you.

Dory is 100% dedicated to her students and provides ongoing individual and group support. Many class dates are available including weekday and night classes.

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How It Works

Certification PathsThere are progressive levels of Reiki… Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master, & Reiki Teacher. They need to be completed in that sequence.  In order to get certified at each level you need to take a class and receive an attunement from a Reiki Master. An attunement is the process by which a Reiki Master connects a student to the Reiki universal source. When you complete the first three levels of Reiki training and attunements, you ARE a Reiki Master.  If you decide you want to become a Reiki instructor yourself, you need to complete the Reiki Teacher class as well.

I offer scheduled classes at each Reiki level. Typically, I combine Reiki I and II classes into a single-day event and Masters & Teachers into another single-day event. When I hold these, you can always just come for either or both classes.  See my upcoming classes if you are interested in what’s currently scheduled.

I now periodically offer a supplemental Certified Crystal Reiki Healer class. This is available to anyone who has completed Reiki II. It provides the resources, knowledge, and attunement to supplement your Reiki practice with the energy of healing crystals.

If you’ve had previous Reiki training elsewhere, you can continue your training with me. For instance if you’ve had Reiki I & II training with another Reiki instructor, you can take my Reiki Master training class without having to go through my Reiki I & II classes. In these cases, I do ask that you provide proof of your current Reiki level. Typically this is a certificate issued you by your Reiki instructor.

Reiki Class Descriptions

Reiki I

You will learn about the history of Reiki. You will discover how to use Reiki for emotional, physical, and spiritual balancing. You will complete the Reiki I training and be given a Reiki I attunement. You will leave with a Reiki manual & Reiki I certificate. You will discover the joy and healing power of Reiki.

Cost: $125  

Reiki II

Reiki II Certification will move your Reiki healing gifts to the next level. You will learn your first Reiki symbols, what each one means, and what it will help heal. You will learn how to administer a distant healing Reiki session and be given your Reiki II attunement. You will leave with an increased awareness of how Reiki helps balance, heal, and restore on all levels.

Cost: $175

Reiki Master

During the Reiki Master Certification, you will learn the remaining Reiki symbols and how to use them. You will be given the opportunity to practice on others. You will receive your Reiki Master attunement.

Cost: $225 (Discounts may apply if taking Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher on the same day.  Please see upcoming classes for more information)

Reiki Teacher

During this class, you will receive your teacher attunement and learn how to give Reiki attunements to others. You will also learn the basics of building your own healing business.

Cost: $225 (Discounts may apply if taking Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher on the same day.  Please see upcoming classes for more information)

Additional Notes

If you would like to do one on one Reiki training with me, the price is an additional $25 per class.

I also schedule additional classes at my center if two or more people request a given date. Just give me a shout if you want to arrange this. In those cases, the additional $25 per individual is waived. If you would like to have a class at your own location check out my Reiki on the Road service.

My husband and I really enjoyed the Reiki class from Dory! Dory did a wonderful job giving us the history of Reiki and how to use it. She was very organized and knowledgeable.