Reiki on the Road

Reiki classes are not offered locally everywhere. Even where it is offered, the class dates don’t always work for prospective students and practitioners. That’s where “Reiki on the Road” comes in.

If you have a group of people that would like to learn Reiki and you have a convenient location, I will come to you to perform training on an agreed-upon date. You can host the Reiki training in your home, business, community center, church, or other venue.


  • Reduced Travel –  You choose the location that’s best for you and the students. This will save everybody on travel time, and the money and hassle that go along with it.
  • Schedule That Works – We will decide together what the best date for the class will be. This can be any day of the week.
  • Open or Private Classes – If you have a select group of individuals that wish to be trained and would like to limit the class to that group, we can have a private class. On the other hand, if you wish to open the class to the public, we can do that as well.
  • Advertising – For public classes, I will advertise (on my dollar) the class in google adwords as well as on my website. If you have a location such as a church, massage parlor, chiropractic office, or other business, this can provide free advertising to bring new people to your location.
  • Tailored Classes – The core of my Reiki classes will always be fundamentally the same. However, if there is significant interest  in a specific area of Reiki, I will “enhance” the class to address the specific area. Some areas include:
    • Crystals and how they can be used to complement Reiki
    • Reiki for Pets and Animals
    • Reiki for chronic pain
    • Reiki for energy clearing in the home
    • Reiki in the hospital setting
    • Reiki for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum


How It Works

I will hold a Reiki I & II class at the location of your choice. The class will be my standard Reiki class instruction plus any tailored portions we agree upon. To see what is included in my standard class, see a current Reiki I & II Training offering.

The requirements for a class are very simple:

  • Appropriate Location – The location  must be a quiet environment.  It must be large enough to seat the number of expected students as well as provide room for 1 or 2 Reiki (massage) tables. I will provide the table(s).
  • Minimum # of students – 4 student minimum for both Reiki I & Reiki II class sessions. My standard rates apply:
    • Reiki I & II – $300 per person ($100 deposit due at registration)
    • Reiki I only – $125 per person ($100 deposit due at registration)
    • Reiki II only – $175 per person ($100 deposit due at registration)


How to Arrange

Simply give me a call at 248-390-9293 or complete the form below if you are interested in hosting a class.

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A Final Word

I believe our world will be a better place as we individually and collectively open our consciousness to the love that is in us and surrounds us. Reiki is a wonderful, peaceful, healing modality that exudes this love and can benefit everyone. No judgment. No agenda. Just love.